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Welcome to Resiblock Enhance & Protect your Paving with The Best Paving Sealers by Resiblock

Resiblock have built up an enviable reputation for supplying high quality block paving sealant for commercial and domestic use. This also applies to clay block paving sealants, Natural Stone sealants and Tarmac restoration.

Whether it’s a domestic paving project for driveways or paths, or a larger scale commercial project for theme parks or high street paving, we have the block paving sealer products to complete the job. We have the technical knowledge and expertise to ensure each of our sealers are at the cutting edge of sealing and coating technology. Combine this with thousands of happy customers across the UK, Europe and worldwide, you can be confident that you are choosing the best sealing products on the market.

Since 1993, Resiblock Limited, the block paving sealer experts, have sold block paving sealers to seal, stabilise and protect Natural Stone, Indian Sandstone Paving, Yorkstone Paving Flagstones, Clay Block Paving and Concrete Block Paving in the UK and Worldwide. Whether it be for industry, commerce or the home, Resiblock solutions give accelerated joint stabilisation without sand erosion or the need for ongoing maintenance.

Leading Block Paving Sealer Specialists

As Europe’s leading specialist in this industry, we have provided sealing solutions for millions of square metres of paving both in the UK and overseas. These range from sealers for commercial landscapes i.e. heavy-duty paver pavements on aircraft aprons and ports to domestic driveways, paths and patios. The landmark projects we have completed include 125,000 square metres at Disneyland, Hong Kong  (in conjunction with Marshalls plc) and 465,000 square metres at Port Salalah, Oman.

Resiblock’s expertise and knowledge is recognised as the most definitive in its field. We are committed to a program of continuous improvement to our products as well as regularly adding to our range of solutions.

We are committed to producing quality sealants, and we value each and every project we work on, providing the highest levels of customer service at all times. Whether it be for domestic or commercial application, Resiblock has the right sealing solution for you.

Block Paving Sealers Available at Resiblock

Enhance and protect your paving with block paving sealers by Resiblock – the UK’s paving sealer specialists.

We supply block paving sealants for commercial, domestic and contractor use in the UK and across the world. Our block paving sealer wet look is a highly durable coating designed to seal, stabilise and weatherproof paving and patios. Suitable for concrete block paving surfaces, it’s an effective sealant to resist algae growth from taking root and any oil and fuel spills.

Take a look at our full range of sealants today to find the perfect sealing solution.

Block Paving Sealer Benefits

Our block paving sealer is popular because it:

  • Acts as a weed inhibitor for block paving
  • Is the only block paving sealer to provide a no oil stains guarantee!
  • Is easy to apply
  • Is hardwearing and long lasting

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